Solids and silhouettes of Alta: objects that furnish and inform

A multi-channel and interactive sensorial experience that tells in an original and innovative way the products and the offer of the company, a new approach that makes the customer the real protagonist, intriguing and involving him in a direct way. What are we talking about? Alta’s “Solids & Shapes” project.


In today’s world, where more than 34 million Italians connect to the web every day via mobile devices and spend an average of two hours of their day on their smartphones, it is essential for companies to develop an O2O (Online to Offline, and vice versa) marketing methodology, in order to make the most of all possible touch points and offer consumers a 360° brand experience.
In this new retail, the technology and high personalization of digital are combined with the human contact of traditional marketing.
The physical world and the digital world, which are the two dimensions of the customer experience, have never been more interconnected and integrated.


What is the mission that has always guided our company? To give shape to projects that combine technological innovation with Italian manufacturing excellence.
Base units, wall units, tall units, tops, doors and fronts: for each of the components of Alta’s Kitchen System, synonymous with maximum customization and design freedom, a solid correspondent has been created.
Simply scan the QR Code on the solids to see the technical data sheet with all the technical details and discover the various customization possibilities. Where can you find them? At our retailers.

Stoneware, laminate, wood, matt lacquered, satin lacquered glass, metallic lacquered…Alta has selected exclusive design finishes for its creations, sustainable materials with high technical performance that offer a truly unique sensory experience. To discover all the available finishes, simply scan the QR code on the back of the circles, ovals and triangles, the three shapes chosen to represent and narrate Alta’s finishes. These elements, which conceptually reproduce the shapes of objects and kitchen utensils, provide technical and aesthetic information on the finishes selected from the wide range of those created by our company and, through a “game”, give the possibility to create further moods to propose to the customer.