Kitchen furnishing trends 2021: layout, shades and materials

Space for comfort and creativity!

Minimal design with simple and clean lines, sustainability and attention to the well-being of people and the environment, maximum functionality and smart technology: the modern kitchen becomes the true protagonist of the home and shows off its style and personality.


Let’s find out together what are the kitchen furnishing trends for 2021.





Open space dominates the domestic environment, giving life to a continuous dialogue between kitchen and living room, combining spaces and moments of life with different functions, outlining multifunctional, more open and flexible places. Who said that the kitchen cannot be a functional and at the same time fashionable room? This room, in fact, is also a place for conviviality and hospitality, a blank canvas on which to express one’s style and personality. Stone, wood, delicate nuances… this charming and fascinating space is the perfect combination of materials that unite and colours that dissolve boundaries.

The island is the undisputed star of the kitchen, the focal point around which all life in the home moves and is concentrated. This element is suitable for both large and small rooms and is a versatile and very practical solution, which can be transformed into a place for cooking, eating or socialising, depending on requirements. The islands house open hobs equipped with accessories and appliances that blend in perfectly with the kitchen design. Taps, splashbacks and lighting become decorative elements and disappear when needed, leaving the room free, clean and uniform.



Order and organisation: two fundamental ingredients for designing and arranging the different areas of the kitchen in the best possible way. Among the 2021 kitchen furnishing trends we find tall units which, combining aesthetics and efficiency, allow you to gain more space and decide what to hide and what to put in full view. In this example, Alta’s open end unit, with its interplay of solids and voids with the rest of the kitchen elements, creates an attractive movement of volumes in the room.

Another important element for planning and tidying up? Space-saving cupboards, furnishing accessories that optimise the available surface area and allow you to make the most of vertical space.



Wood, glass, marble, porcelain stoneware, metal, stone… the kitchen is dressed in nature and innovation, recreating a welcoming and refined atmosphere inside it through the use of eco-friendly materials. Even the colours are inspired by the natural world and by shades of green, blue and earth, tones that convey a feeling of well-being and relaxation. So why not choose an aquamarine kitchen with a delicate atmosphere and soft colours? In this Alta kitchen, the pastel shades of the furniture enhance the environment and give the room a relaxed and elegant allure, creating contrasts and plays of colour that give personality, breadth and balance to the space. The open compartment and the snack bar are made of natural oak, a light finish that recalls the shades of parquet, recreating a sense of continuity and harmony, in full Nordic style.

Another trend in vogue this year is the two-tone kitchen in which bright colours are mixed with darker ones. Black and white: the two opposite poles of the colour scale, the combination that evokes sophistication and modernity. For a kitchen with a chic and refined atmosphere. The impenetrable and intense black of the lacquered bases is softened and illuminated by the lightness of white, in a dialogue between light and dark tones that enhances the nuances of the wood of the parquet and makes the environment more spacious and welcoming.



The search for a more sustainable lifestyle also includes the kitchen. Technology comes to our aid with the latest generation of high-efficiency appliances, which guarantee considerable energy savings and a lower environmental impact. Innovative materials that combine aesthetics and quality with functionality and respect for the environment, such as porcelain stoneware, are experimented with and created for the furniture. This eco-sustainable product with its unique design manages to give shape to surfaces that imitate the veining, three-dimensionality and tactile sensation of natural stone, while ensuring greater resistance and high technical performance.

In this Alta kitchen, the surrounding nature influenced not only the choice of colours in the room, but also the materials and accessories. The alubox door, with its boxed aluminium structure and glass panel, is the company’s flagship in terms of eco-sustainability and recyclability of materials. Alta’s alubox in agate grey and pencil grey opaque glass, two shades that harmonise well with the pastel shades of the kitchen, was chosen for this project.