Barazza, Icon series. The home purification revolution is called Zefiro

Directly from our research and development department, three innovative products integrated into the kitchen system that we presented at Fuorisalone 2022. Solutions designed for everyone’s health and with respect for the environment: the result of synergy with the most innovative companies in the sector.

Technological and refined, Icon is the new series of Barazza ovens born from an innovative idea of design and ergonomics. Icon ovens cover a wide range of needs: 60 ovens, combined steam and microwave, coffee machine, blast chiller and vacuum drawer or food warmer… multiple functions are combined with 5 elegant finishes (Glass, Steel, Exclusive, Trama, Mat) giving shape to personal style in the kitchen.


The top functionality of the Icon series however is another: it is called Zefiro, and it is the first system in the world to transform the built-in oven into a real air sanitiser!



With the Zefiro system, the Barazza oven becomes to all intents and purposes a sanitiser for the home environment, improving the quality of life:
1 – it purifies the air of viruses and bacteria. In this way the environment is sanitised and made safer.
2 – removes unpleasant odors from the kitchen environment. In operation together with the hood, the purification process becomes even faster.
3 – the low consumption – guaranteed by the use of tangential ventilation only and the automatic switching off of the internal light when sanitising is in operation – allow frequent and prolonged use of the system.


How does it work?

1 – the air to be sanitised is sucked in through holes specifically located on the rear side of the oven thanks to the appliance’s tangential ventilation.
2 – once captured inside, the air is conveyed to the upper side of the oven and from there channelled through a double beam of germicidal ultraviolet light emitted by two UV-C LED plates. This beam of light is crucial: it modifies the DNA or RNA of the microorganisms it irradiates, preventing their reproduction and rendering them harmless to humans.
3 – at this point, after being purified of harmful substances and bad odours, the air is reintroduced into the environment by exploiting the slit on the front of the oven, between the controls and the door.


The Zefiro sanitisation system can be activated in an extremely intuitive manner through the controls of the Barazza oven types that foresee it, and it is only possible to take advantage of its benefits when the oven is not in cooking mode. Zefiro is activated with time intervals between 2 and 8 hours, with deviations of one hour, depending on the size of the room to be sanitised.

L&S – Lighting Intelligence. A lighting solution to fight bacteria and viruses


Our focus on the best integrated lighting solutions available on the market introduced us to L&S, an Italian company specialising in the design and production of technical lighting for furniture and interior design.


One of its strengths is continuous technical innovation, and it is thanks to this propensity that L&S’s recent investments in their in-house laboratory in the area of sanitising environments (including domestic ones, with the aim of making them ever more comfortable and safe) have made it possible to study the effects of ‘Blue Light’ and ‘UV’ light in different contexts.


The ‘Lighting Intelligence’ programme has thus given birth to a new selection of linear lamps equipped with specific LED modules that, with a single solution, allow the alternation of white light and bactericidal function, without the use of external luminaires.


In particular, the ‘Blue Light’ (wavelength of the visible spectrum: 465 nm) contributes to reducing the presence of bacteria and bad odors on fabrics and surfaces with a minimum exposure of two hours, while the more advanced solution using UV-A (wavelength of the visible spectrum: 405-365 nm), thanks to the action of ultraviolet rays, guarantees a significant microbial reduction within half an hour.


Finally, the L&S range is completed by a selection of dedicated sensors and controllers that allow the operation (also timer-controlled) of ‘Blue Light’ and UV-A in total comfort and safety.


L&S – Lighting Intelligence: a solution that we at Alta have decided to apply inside our drawers and pot-and-pan drawers to sanitise them.


Nobili, Levante model. The mixer dedicated to the planet


A symbol of Made in Italy excellence, since the 1950s Nobili has been one of the best tapware companies in our country. With its Levante mixer we wanted to bring the ultimate in technology and functionality to Alta kitchens.


The Levante mixer is simple and intuitive: its hand shower, placed in an opposite position to classic mixers, has a wide range of action and is easily manoeuvrable with just one hand thanks to the magnetic anchorage that guarantees maximum freedom of movement on the sink surface.


In addition to this great functionality, Levante is the mixer that symbolises water saving. In fact, it was created with respect for the environment: opening the supply directly with cold water avoids the accidental ignition of the boiler and the consequent release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. At the same time, the dynamic flow limiter brakes the opening of the lever, thus helping to reduce water wastage.