“New Regenerative Relationships”: Alta Cucine at Fuorisalone 2022

According to science, we have entered a new geological era in which man, by altering the balance of the global ecosystem, acts as a real force of nature. This era has been called the Anthropocene, and its characteristics are known to all: pollution, uncontrolled exploitation of resources and alteration of the balances that regulate natural ecosystems.


As in any historical phase undergoing radical changes, even in this era never experienced before, all the more so, where it is man who dominates to the point of altering natural laws, entirely new problems and reflections are emerging, and with them a series of ethical responsibilities involving our societies at all levels.


We are faced with an unprecedented situation in which we have an extraordinary opportunity to affect the environment: for the bad, as we unfortunately know, but also for the good. And this is precisely the positive side of the Anthropocene: a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in which each of us, based on our own possibilities, skills and power, can intervene to rethink and improve our relationship with the environment and nature.

New innovative and eco-sustainable approaches, which have the delicate relationship between man and the environment at the heart of their strategies, are therefore gaining ground. It is within this context that we at Alta Cucine have begun a new path, enriched also by our long experience in the field of sustainability and attention to the territory developed with the eco-friendly agricultural activities that our Group has managed since the 1990s.


We are aware that the profound changes underway – both environmental and in people’s mindsets – have highlighted the need to rediscover other ways of living and interpreting living spaces. We believe in these great opportunities: reconsidering the concept of space, looking at it with new eyes, and questioning the established habit with which we usually consider the relationship between outdoor and indoor, open and closed, personal well-being and domestic environment.

All this has given rise to a new idea of interior design, in which the tension towards the living world is reflected in the innovative conception of spaces dedicated to domestic life: the result is a place where vegetation, natural light and dynamic ventilation hybridise to create a regenerative harmony between the natural environment and human spaces, where green areas and hydro and aeroponic cultivation dialogue with each other.


The result is an environment where it is possible to experience the spaces of one’s intimacy in a different way: a place that transcends the established concept of living comfort to easily reconfigure domestic spaces on the basis of new needs.

These and other considerations will be the focus of our events from 7 to 12 June at the Fuorisalone in Milan. An important showcase, where we will have the pleasure of talking about our philosophy and where we will present the new collaborations and projects we are building for the near future.