Alta Cucine doors: our flagship

In order to create the kitchen you have always wanted, every detail must be taken into account during the design phase, from the choice of tops to that of wall units, from the best finishes to the right appliances. It is therefore essential to choose each piece of furniture carefully, and the door is certainly one of the first pieces of furniture to be paid attention to: in this article we will discover Alta Cucine doors, the flagship of our collections.


The door, as we know, is the closing element used for base and wall units and has different opening systems: hinged, sliding, and so on. In addition to being made of pure solid wood or other materials, such as glass or iron, the door usually consists of an inner layer and an outer layer, the finish, which has a dual function: aesthetic and functional.


But a door is also much more: it is a form of furniture, an expressive element that synthesises and expresses the character of the kitchen, the real secret formula for creating the perfect atmosphere. Its opening system, moreover, is a concrete example of what we call “a space made on a human scale”, as it is based on the height of the people who will use the kitchen and is made according to extreme customisation.


So can a “simple” door define and distinguish the entire style of the kitchen? We at Alta Cucine think so, and we have made the doors and their opening system into a unique, hyper-functional art form of impeccable design.




S22 is the modular door system that offers new solutions in the kitchen, tailored to the aesthetic taste of each individual. It is a system that is constantly being updated, so much so that today it is possible to choose from over 5000 articles, with different sizes: 10 different widths, 18 different heights and 4 different depths. Customisation is always guaranteed.


In addition, the infinite combinations are matched by a wide range of materials, shades and finishes: you can choose from 10 types of materials including ceramic, steel and glass, in 300 different finishes.


Telaia frames the door like a painting, making it unique and distinctive. It is to all intents and purposes a classic door, an element designed for more traditional tastes but revisited with extreme care according to the aesthetic canons that distinguish Alta: minimalist design and research into clean and essential forms. Telaia allows both handle and pressure opening.


Talking about the opening system: it is that small, great detail that can make the difference in a kitchen, both aesthetically and from a practical point of view. The choice of the right handle is in fact decisive, because it must be able to reconcile the refined aesthetic taste with practicality and robustness that will be required countless times, day after day, through daily use.


Choosing an Alluminia door means giving elegance to your kitchen. It is a semi-invisible solution, perfect for enhancing the shelves of kitchen tall units in a refined manner. It is the contemporary and minimalist evolution of the display cabinet, brought to a level of super-refined design: with Alluminia, in fact, it is possible to play with the coordination of the furnishings to such an extent that they become one with the architecture of the room, creating a homogeneous effect of class and finesse.


The Alubox door consists of an aluminium frame and a technical panel as the core, combined with tempered glass or a ceramic element: overall thickness? 4 millimetres only.


With Alubox we have in fact worked on the dematerializing of forms, guided by the idea of minimal design intended as pure enrichment as taught by the best masters of architecture: the fusion of timeless design and ergonomics.
At the same time, maximum compatibility with the aesthetics of the other furnishing elements in the kitchen has been maintained: the elegance of glass or the materiality of stoneware in fact guarantee total freedom in the creative combination with other precious materials, such as wood veneered in elm, oak and walnut, or even with metallic lacquers.

The end result is a product that is harmony of form in its purest form and exaltation of the single-colour visual effect in the kitchen, the distinctive detail of contemporary minimalist design.