Sistema 22 by Alta Cucine: flexibility and maximum customization

The following text is taken from the article published in the September 9 issue of the Russian magazine Salon Interior.


The thought, following the lines indicated by design and functionality, is shaped and takes shape in a unique kitchen, which sets no limits to creativity.


This is the philosophy of Sistema 22 di ALTA, a project able to evolve and change over time, always keeping up with the latest trends and ensuring, at the same time, practicality and ergonomics. It is a versatile system that is constantly updated with new finishes and module ranges. The kitchens of Sistema 22, in fact, develop over the years, innovating and changing according to the aesthetic taste and the specific needs of the people who live them.


The continuous search for new and articulated modular solutions has allowed ALTA to progressively expand its range, until reaching an offer with almost infinite possibilities, both in terms of size and combination of modules. Today there are over 5000 items to choose from, with 10 widths, 18 heights and 4 different depths. Wood, glass, ceramic, aluminium, steel, pet, technical glass, quartz, dekton… the assortment of materials, colors and finishes is very wide! This wide variety of offers is enriched even more thanks to versatile and design articles. ALTA, in fact, collaborates with the most prestigious brands in the sector to complete the kitchens with functional equipment and accessories designed to facilitate life and work in this space of the house.


Password: flexibility. Available and attentive to the special needs and specific requirements of the end user, we at ALTA are also able to create custom-made kitchen projects, leaving the designer unlimited compositional freedom. It’s your point of view that gives shape to the kitchen: this space in the home is made according to your desires and the style that sets you apart. Just as every person is unique, so is their kitchen.


The design philosophy of Alta Cucine, in line with the modern conception of the home, makes the multitasking logic its own, creating a space where multiple activities coexist. The kitchen thus becomes a place where you can eat and socialize, relax and spend time together with your family, work and interact with others.


High quality materials, precious details, timelessly beautiful shapes, surprising comfort: Sistema 22 by Alta Cucine is all this and much more!