The Alta Cucine islands: beauty in motion

The kitchen is not only a set of furniture, containers, appliances and accessories, but it is an environment characterized by its own nature and personality, linked to its raison d’être and the required functionality.

With Sistema 22, the kitchen becomes an open, modular, equipped, but above all flexible space, able to transform itself according to the needs that change over time, but also during the same day. A virtuous combination that combines design, style and creativity, while respecting the fundamental principles of ergonomics, a guarantee of practicality and comfort for those who live the kitchen.

Excellence made in Italy

How did the idea of Sistema 22 come about? It is the result of the perfect fusion of technical skills, know-how, typical of Made in Italy craftsmanship, innovative design and clear awareness of the changed functionality required.

A design legend like Billy Baldwin used to say that “Furnishing is the art of arranging beautiful things in a comfortable way”, a postulate that guided Alta in the construction of the Sistema 22 project, conceived to organize beautiful, ergonomic and bright interior spaces, able to enhance and highlight the relationships between the people who interact in them, creative environments that want to be a source of inspiration for those who live there.


Transformation and movement

Sistema 22 is enriched with attractive over-top solutions. The insertion of the new sliding elements allows the kitchen to open, extend and adapt, creating modular spaces, useful for different uses than usual.

The solutions developed by Alta are elegant, multiple and versatile and are combined with a wide and articulated variety of sizes, thicknesses, materials, finishes and colours, worthy complements of distinctive but intelligent kitchen spaces, where characterising elements like these add undoubted value to the environment. An environment no longer static, but dynamic, which changes its appearance depending on the configuration you choose, transforming an island or a peninsula by simply sliding the snack top.

A continuous discovery

Like in a game of open and shut, make disappear and reappear. Sistema 22 includes extractable mechanisms that can be integrated into the islands with lengths between 800 and 2100 mm of useful top, complete with leg with wheels or mechanisms on top, which go to hide the existing top and with the possibility of concealing the sink or hob, thus obtaining a unique aesthetic cleaning effect.

The current technical solutions, moreover, allow to design by inserting this practical solution and extending it to widths up to 2100 mm and depths up to 1200, with heights between 60 and 80 mm, thanks to the tops built with the folding technique.


Suspended refinement

The materials chosen to dress the tops are the purest: wood, stoneware, foils, noble materials perfect for domestic use.

And for those who do not like aesthetically invasive supports or visible metal elements, Alta allows, thanks to the use of latest generation brackets drowned in the furniture or on the same floor, to obtain suspensions even for snack tops over the meter. The effect created is that of a floating table, a modern touch with an extremely sophisticated design.

The dynamism conceived by Alta is not only limited to the horizontal planes, but also extends to the vertical lines.

There is, in fact, a further option in Sistema 22 to equip bases and tall units with internal extractable tops, hidden by flap closures or concealed in tall units with recessed doors. This stratagem allows you to have a greater working space or even to add a table without sacrificing precious surface of your kitchen.

Renowned American designer John Maeda has codified one of the guiding principles that also inspired Alta Cucine: “Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding what makes sense”. Customs are the fence of creativity: let’s not let ourselves be imprisoned by habit, but take advantage of our lateral thinking! To innovate, to be attractive and attractive, it is necessary to look at everything from a new perspective.