Choices that make the difference: colours and finishes in the kitchen

Furnishing a kitchen is a very personal matter, and the choice is anything but simple! This is the beauty of furnishing an environment that will accompany us over time, making our home unique… It is a well-considered choice, which usually comes after a long period of study in which many variables are taken into account, from the size of the spaces to the lighting points and the arrangement of the furniture, and which also has to do with our tastes, our aesthetic sense and a whole series of meanings that each of us attributes to the kitchen.

The kitchen can mean many things: if, for example, in the logic of the economy of domestic space it is simply the place for preparing and eating meals, from an emotional perspective it takes on a more abstract and emotional meaning, associated with family and conviviality, becoming the ideal place to take care of oneself and one’s loved ones through food. The kitchen can also be understood as a value, a point of reference in our busy routine, always projected towards an “outside” that the “inside” of the kitchen balances and stabilises. The kitchen can also be a memory full of meaning, or a promise of future happiness

It is therefore clear that when the time comes to choose the kitchen of our dreams, in a more or less conscious way the values we attribute to it begin to work within us, leading us to make choices that we conventionally define as tasteful, but which in reality are also a consequence of the interweaving of all these meanings.

In the light of these considerations, in this article we would like to take you through a choice of combinations focused on colours and finishes: take your time and let yourself be inspired!


Design kitchen worktop and matt lacquered doors: pure harmony

If design is a must for you and when you think of your ideal kitchen you have clean atmospheres and delicate colours in mind, this solution could be for you.

The kitchen top is a fundamental element, and its choice depends on two key factors: the quality of the material and the design. This Inalco top is inspired by natural materials, and evokes a real conglomerate of stones to the touch and eye thanks to MDI (Mineral, Design, Innovation), the special production process that accelerates the natural process of rocks. The result is a beautiful stone effect given also by the bush-hammering, a process that gives the kitchen top a special grainy surface.

The top can also be chosen as a back panel to create continuity between the horizontal and vertical sections of the kitchen.

Combined with the gris colour of the kitchen top, the agate grey matt lacquer of the doors gives a dramatic effect to the composition: a choice that creates a light and enveloping atmosphere, ideal for those who want a kitchen with a high level of design.


Kitchen top + snack: elegance and avant-garde materials in a single solution

The kitchen island is an increasingly sought-after solution: it allows for a new arrangement of spaces and creates new convivial occasions, guaranteeing an impeccable urban-style atmosphere.

If you are looking for an elegant and stylish solution, this choice could be a great source of inspiration thanks to the combination of the innovative Fenix material and the timeless aesthetics of wood!

Canaletto walnut is a wood characterised by a very robust and compact fibre and an elegant texture enhanced by lighter tones: the walnut snack guarantees an extremely robust and quality surface, and it is in particular its combination with the Fenix kitchen top that makes this solution unique.

Smart material and matt surface: this is the top of the Fenix line in the elegant Ingo black colour, the modern and innovative choice with which to furnish the kitchen. The Fenix kitchen top, a multilayer coating obtained with the use of the latest generation of acrylic resins, is characterised by an extremely matt surface thanks to its low light reflection, it is fingerprint-proof and super scratch-resistant.

Snack in Canaletto walnut and doors + kitchen top in Ingo black Fenix: a refined island for demanding palates.


Unique tall units and light-as-air snacks: the essence of interior design

If order and organisation are two of your top priorities, the first furniture components you think of when you imagine your new kitchen will certainly be the tall units.

Columns which in this third solution are presented with a special metallic lacquered finish. If you are wondering what it is that gives this room the look of an interior design magazine, the answer is to be found in the oxidised steel effect of the tall units!

A refined and chic effect, which contrasts with the soft shades of the laminated snack in the light Everglades Elm colour, awakening feelings of peace and well-being.