Each house has its own kitchen: which type of kitchen to choose according to the space available

The kitchen, the beating heart of the home, a true design object to be enhanced. The new trends of modern living, characterized by the search for more space and light, have revolutionized the concept of the kitchen as a hidden room almost out of sight of guests, an environment solely functional to the preparation of food.
There are no more walls, obstacles and barriers.
In fact, there are more and more homes with a shared living area, that is, an open space kitchen overlooking the living room, a solution that encourages socialization, interaction between people and an easier sharing of family moments.
The first fundamental step is to evaluate well the space available, so as to create a practical and livable open space.
The eye, however, also wants its part! And the kitchen must be able to reflect the style and personality we have chosen, creating the right balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Especially if we have an urban residence or an apartment with a reduced floor plan, choosing the type of kitchen is something to be carefully evaluated.
In these cases, the open space model is really ideal because, even when the square meters of the house are limited, it manages to synthesize character and practicality, declining the functionality of two rooms in a single environment.
In order to make the most of the space and the potential of the open space, it is necessary first of all to know and analyze the habits and lifestyle of those who will live there.
Another key factor? Being able to create a feeling of continuity and aesthetic and stylistic harmony between the different areas of the room.


Depending on the space available, your personal taste and specific needs, you can choose between different types of kitchen.
Let’s discover them together!


Linear kitchen

This is the simplest of the various types of kitchen. It is usually chosen when the space in the kitchen is limited because it allows you to occupy a single wall with the modular elements and all the equipment you need. Ideal both for long and narrow spaces and for small studios, it is divided into three areas: storage, washing and cooking.

Double linear kitchen

Perfect for elongated but large rooms, the double linear kitchen allows you to have everything at your fingertips thanks to the arrangement of functional areas facing each other.

L-shaped or corner kitchen

The “L” or corner kitchen allows you to make the most of the space available, proving to be a solution suitable for both small and medium-large rooms. It is one of the most popular layouts and offers a large working space. To overcome the shadowy area that forms in the corner you can think of inserting a strategic LED lighting.

U-shaped or horse stirrup kitchen

The best choice to create a classic and convivial environment within a large room? The “U” or horse stirrup kitchen. Developing on 3 sides, this model allows a perfect optimization of the three working areas.

Island or peninsula kitchen

Islands and peninsulas: the great protagonists of modern furniture in the kitchen, the central fulcrum around which develops the decor of the environment. Thanks to these fascinating and modern solutions, the kitchen becomes a design element, elegant and fashionable.
The peninsula, which starts from the walls and extends to the center of the room, can be used both as a table and as a worktop. Inserted within small and open spaces, it acts as both a communicating element and a barrier.
Positioned in the center of the kitchen, the island is perfect for large surfaces because it can make the environment more fluid, functional and dynamic. It is usually divided into two parts: the cooking area with stove and sink and the furnishing area with table or snack top and chairs.