ALTA is an Italian company that produces customised designer kitchens for the private and contract sectors. It stands out for the fluid and essential style of its creations, and for the certified quality of the finishes and technologies used.

The Kitchens

ALTA kitchens are based on a highly flexible modular system with endless possible combinations. This is how desires and creativity shape the space, without setting limits on customisation. The wide variety of proposals is completed with the best appliances and functional accessories, designed to make it easier to live and work in this area of the home.

Who has already chosen ALTA

International architecture firms find the answer to their design needs in ALTA’s modular concept and high-quality standards. This is why ALTA is an ambassador for Made in Italy products worldwide. ALTA is also the choice of private individuals who want a kitchen that is a tasteful reflection of their own personality. Just as every person is unique, so is their kitchen.