Italian designer home appliances

Ovens, hobs, sinks, hoods, taps and accessories for an ultramodern kitchen. Technological and aesthetic excellence, strictly Made in Italy.


Italian accessories for an organised kitchen

Structural elements and accessories for drawers, pantries, column cabinets, sink bases, and the wall between the worktop and upper cabinets. Functionality, aesthetics and maximum customisation.


Mineral surfaces for an elegant, hygienic and long-lasting kitchen

The finest minerals become scratch- and heat-resistant worktops, induction hobs, sinks and panelling. All this is made possible by a production process that preserves and enhances texture, colours and functional characteristics.


Functional and customisable furniture

Tools for customising furniture, such as lift systems for cabinet doors, hinges, guides and accessories for internal organisation.


Metalwork for the modern kitchen

Metal elements that combine design, functionality and quality. Lift systems, drawers and shelves to create an organised and customised kitchen.