Bergamo, Italy

The project

A chic kitchen with a rustic yet elegant soul!
The shades of white and gray make the composition dynamic, soft, fresh and three-dimensional. White is a color that has the ability to enhance the shade it is associated with, to broaden the perception of space, illuminate the environment and make it more welcoming and comfortable.
The wood used on the floor and in the snack top warms up the atmosphere and gives a chic touch to this kitchen.

Appliances and components

High-end design appliances complete and enrich the equipment and furnishings of the room. The oven, the microwave oven, the hob and the wine cabinet are from the Miele brand, a company that has always been synonymous with style and quality.
The Alba ceiling-mounted extractor hood by Falmec, distinguished by its perimeter LED lighting, has an essential and minimal shape that fits perfectly into this kitchen with a modern soul.

Make full use of the spaces available

For this creation we have created a custom-shaped door that allows you to make the surfaces of the room functional and make the most of it.
Another unique detail of this project? The secret passage that connects this room to the laundry room is hidden behind one of the kitchen doors.a