Milano, Italy

The project

An aquamarine-coloured kitchen, with a delicate atmosphere and light colours.
The pastel shades of the furniture enhance the environment and give the room a relaxed and elegant allure, creating contrasts and plays of color that give the space personality, breadth and balance. The open compartment and the snack bar are in natural oak, a light finish that recalls the nuances of the parquet, recreating a sense of continuity and harmony, in full Nordic style.

The location

Trees, meadows and emerald waters… a hidden green corner in the heart of Milan.
To give shape to this kitchen we were inspired by the suggestive location in which the residence is located.
The surrounding nature has influenced not only the choice of colors for the room, but also the materials and accessories. The alubox door, with boxed aluminum structure and glass panel, is the spearhead of our company in terms of eco-sustainability and recyclability of materials. For this creation, in particular, the Alta alubox in opaque agate gray and pencil gray glass was chosen, two shades that harmonize well with the pastel shades of the kitchen.

The materials

Pure natural materials are the source of inspiration for the Iseo surface by Inalco, chosen for the top of this kitchen in the bush-hammered finish, in the stone-effect Gris colour.
To complete the furnishing of the room, 100% made in Italy appliances and accessories were selected by Barazza, a brand of high-performance appliances and sinks with an advanced design, and by Smeg, a company which, with the collaboration of renowned architects and designers international, creates objects that perfectly balance form and function.