The meeting between Design and Gastronomy at the Design Gallery in St. Petersburg

In the heart of St. Petersburg, the prestigious Design Gallery was the center of a truly evocative event that managed to merge the sophisticated world of design with the refinement of gastronomy. On November 8, the atmosphere of the Design Gallery was pervaded by a special charge, thanks to the presentation of the new ALTA Cucine exhibition and the exclusive meeting with 50 designers, architects and professionals in the sector.

The wall area of ​​the ALTA kitchen can be “hidden” to reorganize the work space thanks to the Revego mechanism by Blum and its uniqueness is enhanced by the aluminum honeycomb doors with 5mm slats in Natural Heritage Oak and by the island embellished with MDI Inalco stoneware. The kitchen was not just a culinary space, but a real art object that fit perfectly among all the other elements displayed in the gallery, celebrating Made in Italy aesthetics and design.

The event offered the unique opportunity to experience up close the synergy between impeccable aesthetics and culinary mastery, thanks to the participation of some of the most renowned chefs in St. Petersburg. During the event, gastronomic creativity blended harmoniously with the surrounding environment, creating an atmosphere of inspiration and conviviality.

Not only a moment of celebration for ALTA, but also an important chapter for the Design Gallery, which enthusiastically welcomed the new partner. “We have been looking for a partner for some time, and we have finally found the perfect one, combining quality, style and philosophy that is very close to us,” he declared enthusiastically, underlining the importance of collaborations that share the same passion for the art of design and of the kitchen.