ALTA: balancing the space in the kitchen

I don’t think anyone can have any doubt about the importance of having a tidy and functional home.

And this consideration is even more valid for the kitchen, the actual centre of gravity of every family, where the squaring of the space theorem is even more difficult: you need space to live in it, space to move around, space to contain products and ingredients, space for appliances, space for tools… So, how is it possible to solve this dilemma?

If we add to this that everyone wants a solution for their home that combines design and style with personality and distinction, the question becomes extremely difficult to solve.

In this reference scenario, it becomes indispensable to be able to turn to an interlocutor who has not only a deep technical competence, but also a vision and a design philosophy focused on improving the daily experience inside the kitchen. An interlocutor who, in addition to guaranteeing basic answers, is able to resolve needs and requirements with practical, rational and attractive solutions.

Let us take into consideration, for example, the kitchen wall units, strongly characterising elements for which various solutions are available. In most cases, in order to choose these items, we mainly evaluate the storage capacity, without dwelling adequately on equally relevant features such as the way the doors are opened.

The simplest and most clearly economical solution is the hinged door, which, however, opening completely outwards creates encumbrance and limits people’s freedom of movement. Alternatively, the sliding opening allows, by means of a horizontal movement mechanism on rails, a limited occupation of space.

New mechanisms based on an opening and closing principle equipped with a mechanical or electrical system without hinges allow the air wall unit to have a light and silent vertical opening. The door moves upwards giving total freedom of access to the work area with the hob, the extractor hood and the washing area. A LED lighting system inserted inside will make the work area brighter and more sophisticated. Once closed, the large door hides the equipped backrest, designed according to the many needs, with dedicated compartments that will give order and organisation to the kitchen.

In a substantially continuous home space, technical contaminations make it possible to extend the applicability of rational solutions beyond the perimeter of the kitchen.

To make the most of these spaces ALTA has various proposals, including recessed door tall units that reveal multifunctional containers. Concealed kitchens can be adapted to any type of environment, large or contained, modern or traditional.

The idea of tall units equipped with retractable doors makes it possible to hide household appliances and to have a large space to store tools and accessories, offering a great aesthetic and functional advantage. The interior fittings can be customised with the various proposals of household appliances or functional equipment available in single or double column versions.

With one movement the doors slide sideways, leaving the large and practical work space free, while, with the doors closed, the elements are hidden and the environment is tidy and aesthetically clean.

This is the essence of freedom: the product does not change if I reverse the order of the factors, but their combination is unique and exclusive, as only your kitchen can be.