The Alubox Door: a work of art Made in Italy

The unbearable lightness of aluminium meets the timeless elegance of glass and ceramics.

A product and its functionalities are able to enhance people’s existence.
In what way? By deeply influencing the possibilities of interaction with the environment in which they are inserted and sociality with other individuals.
This observation has transformed Alta’s way of doing business and strategic vision.
As a consequence of this change, in fact, we decided to combine the technical element of product excellence with other components, intangible but of extreme value, able to give strength to the centrality of man: Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Respect for people and Essentiality of form and design.

In the sign of the essential: the Alubox door

It is in this new scenario of values that the idea and realization of the Alubox Project is born, further confirmation of the principle ‘less is more’. A design that, despite the definition of ‘minimal’, becomes pure enrichment, for a high-end furnishing concept.

The masters who inspired our invention? Le Corbusier, Mies Van der Rohe, Mondrian, Arne Jacobsen, Carlo and Tobia Scarpa, Antonio Citterio, Gabriele Centazzo and Giò Ponti. All these architects have taught us and teach us that the secret goal is fully achieved when there is a fusion between true modern, timelessly conceived design and ergonomics.

To respond to the need for maximum functionality and finesse of the lines, we have worked on the dematerialization of the physical element, guaranteeing, at the same time, all compatibility and ensuring the designer full creative freedom and total flexibility in the panel of technical alternatives.

With this innovative product, designed and built according to the principles of eco-compatibility, Alta integrates the range of solutions for the kitchen with a twofold objective: to allow a more extensive design, drawing on new material elements, and to propose modern colour solutions that, thanks to their entirely recyclable composition, respect the environment.

Aluminium, glass and ceramics

An aluminium frame, with a technical panel as the core, a unique structure, easy to clean, light and resistant, coupled with a tempered glass or, alternatively, a ceramic element with a total thickness of 4 mm.

The stylistic elegance and transparency of the glass, the materiality and the specific technical characteristics of the water-repellent stoneware offer complete freedom of configuration and can be easily combined with other prestigious materials such as elm, oak or walnut veneered woods or metallescent lacquered, whose modern finish perfectly matches the different shades of Alubox supports.

The adoption of pure materials on the aluminium structure of the doors extends the applicability of the same design principles to the other surfaces of the kitchen.

For example, the choice of a Gres Laminam can be made in combination with the worktops, to include the islands as well. This combination of surfaces gives a sense of monolithic harmony to the material used, enhancing the single-colour visual impact, a priority for those who pay attention to minimalism in design.

A noble metal such as aluminium also represents a decidedly eco-compatible solution, appreciated by those who pay the utmost attention to their own well-being, in full respect of the harmony with the natural environment. Alubox is “resistant lightness”, which does not fear water, steam or heat.

Infinite variations and modularity

There are four different shades of colours that Alta proposes for the Alubox support: white aluminium, pure white, charcoal grey and deep black, ideal shades to perfectly integrate with the overall structure of the kitchen.

The wide modularity, available in six widths, seventeen heights and also available in customized heights from 229 to 260 cm, represents pure expressive freedom for an architect or interior designer and guarantees him the possibility to plan without constraints.

With these specific specifications, modular design can also include suspended elements and offer maximum freedom of composition and movement, both in vertical and horizontal directions. All burnished metal finishing options (such as thin shelves, open boxes or storage compartments to be placed between base units and wall units) blend in harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

Alubox combines the technology and technicality of industrial materials such as aluminium with handcrafted components such as lacquered glass and ceramics.

The final result is a product with a uniqueness all made in Italy, a work of art rich in details that make the difference, a new protagonist in the high design market.